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Something Nautical
Season 1 (2015)
Tiprat Theatre & Underground Media
Directed by Sebastian Bertoli,
Wil Greenway, Kellie Tori & Chris Bennett

Written by Wil Greenway


An online sketch tragedy. It's a little bit silly, fairly ugly, and maybe a teeny bit beautiful? Nah, nah that's silly. Really it's just some sketches.
From the mind of Australian actor/writer Wil Greenway, Something Nautical, has been released online in conjunction with Wil's sold-out Edinburgh Fringe show For The Ground That Grew Me (August 2015).

Wil has been described as “incredibly unique…amazingly talented” (Gather & Hunt), “hilarious” (Three Weeks) and “a genuine talent” (Kryztoff RAW). In The Scotsman (UK) they wrote that his one-man show A Night To Dismember “resembles nothing so much as a teenager’s daydream scribbled in a dog-eared exercise book during double maths.”


Cast: Kellie Tori, Luke Lennox, Rob Greenway, Sebastian Bertoli, Lily Fish, Sam Rankin, Kathryn Langshaw, Isabelle Bertoli, Edward Valent, Chris Bennett, Joshua Glanc & Wil Greenway.

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Executive Producer



Director Of Photography

1st Assistant Directors



Sound Recordists


Production/Costume Designers

Music Composer


Wil Greenway

Sebastian Bertoli, Chris Bennett & Luke Lennox

Chris Bennett

Sebastian Bertoli &
Wil Greenway

Chris Bennett

Luke Lennox, Sebastian Bertoli & Sam Rankin

Kathryn Langshaw,

Kellie Tori & Wil Greenway

Steven O’Brien

Chris Bennett

Season 1
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